The Neato Botvac D7 Connected Can Create a Map of Your Home, Then Vacuum it Spotless

The D7 Connected takes its place at the top of Neato’s line of robot vacuums.

One of the low-key best parts of the IFA electronics tradeshow in Berlin every year? The robot vacuums! We always get some good robot vacuum news around this time of year, usually from Neato — and in 2017, they’re delivering once again. Neato has a new high-end robot vacuum called the Botvac D7 Connected, and it’s building on all the smart features the company has introduced up to this point.

The D7 Connected looks like it’s going to replace the original Botvac Connected that was introduced at IFA 2015. That vacuum featured Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing owners to schedule and turn the vacuum on or off remotely. That vacuum also had enough sensors to build a virtual map of a room while it was going, helping it to create smarter and more efficient cleaning routes.

The D7 Connected is building on both of those features. Let the D7 Connected run through your home a few times, and it’ll do one better than creating room maps as it goes — it’ll create a map of your entire home, storing it and using it to generate even more efficient cleaning paths. Once that home map has been built, owners will then be able to hop into the app and do some customization — if there’s an area in your home you don’t want cleaned (say, a Lego-rich zone), you can block it off on the map, and the D7 Connected will simply motor around it. Neato used to provide magnetic strips you could use to create no-vacuum zones, but now not even those are necessary (although you can still use them if you want).

As with previous Connected models, the D7 Connected will work with a bunch of devices and chatbots (in addition to the smartphone app), including the Apple Watch, the Neato ChatBot for Facebook, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa, the latter of which was added a little under a year ago. You can use any of those to schedule the vacuum, or turn it on or off.

This year, Neato is adding integration with IFTTT. Using IFTTT, you can create triggers that can get your smart home devices to work more closely with one another. If you’re handy enough with IFTTT, you can create recipes that will automatically turn the vacuum on when you’ve shut the lights off and left the home, just as an example.

On the cleaning front, Neato has added a new spiral combo brush that can dig into messes a little deeper. They’ve also got multiple levels of cleaning now — eco, turbo, and deep. The D7 Connected has also got more battery life than the D5 or D3, allowing it to take longer vacuuming trips on one charge.

The Neato Botvac D7 Connected will arrive in Europe and the United States sometime in Q4. It’ll be $800 in the U.S., which is $100 more than the original Botvac Connected was at launch. The D3 Connected and D5 Connected debuted at $400 and $600 last year — the D3 lacks the smart mapping feature altogether, while the D5 can’t do the full home mapping that the D7 can pull off.

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