Netflix Gives the Defenders One More Hype Trailer Before its Debut Tomorrow

The whole season can be binge watched on Netflix starting tomorrow.

Netflix must have decided you needed a little more convincing to binge watch Marvel’s The Defenders tomorrow, because they’ve posted the most last minute of trailers today. The latest on-screen superhero team will bring together Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, the Iron Fist, and Daredevil to defend the greater New York area — universe-wide threats are for the movies!


The earlier trailers mostly played up the quartet finding reasons to not work with each other, so I guess it’s only appropriate that the final trailer focuses on what brings them together. That would be Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra, who gives a classic villainous “actually, I’m really cool and good” monologue amid scenes of the four heroes knocking people through all manner of construction materials. Weaver then lays down the more direct villain threat of “I’ll kill everyone and everything you care about,” and then it’s more bodies going through more walls.

Looks fun! Being a Marvel TV production, the superpowers are a little more down to Earth as superpowers go, which is kind of refreshing — there’s a lot more tension when it’s conceivable that these misfits might actually not be able to pull it off in the end, and that even if they do, the losses could loom large. The individual series have been generally well received, too, although Iron Fist did get roughed up a bit for so-so fight scenes. We’ll see if the four of them combine to form something greater starting tomorrow when Netflix lets the season one stream fly.