The Late Great Prince Now Has His Own Official Pantone Shade of Purple

Prince’s estate developed the color along with Pantone.

Pantone, perhaps the only body other than Crayola with the awesome power to will colors into existence, has worked their magic for the most magical of artists. In honor of Prince, the legendary musician who passed away unexpectedly in April of last year from an opioid overdose, Pantone and Prince’s estate have commissioned a new shade of purple named after the artist.

The official name isn’t Purple Rain — Pantone is calling it Love Symbol #2. As you might remember from the ’90s, the first Love Symbol was the symbol Prince used as his name for a while as part of something of a rebellion against his music label, which ushered in the sublime era of “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”

Appropriately enough, it wasn’t really Pantone that willed this color into existence — it was Prince himself. Pantone based the shade of purple off the paint job laid down on a piano Prince had planned to use on his next tour.

The introduction of Love Symbol #2 means you can now get it on a swatch and get a bucket of paint. What we’re saying is, if you have a certain room in your pad for a certain purpose, I’m not sure there’s any other color you can possibly paint it. This is the new color of love, and there can be no argument.