TCL C Series 65” 4K UHD Roku Smart TV Review

TCL’s latest is a fabulous 65″ smart TV with great visuals and audio for dialogue

TCL isn’t just about tech in 2017. Their new line of televisions include the C Series sets, which combine the company’s flagship tech with elegant, contemporary design. The TCL C Series TVs are the thinnest TCL has to offer, and while the company has made some sacrifices to get the sets that thin, that premium design combined with solid picture quality and Roku OS makes them great lower-cost options.

Until now, TCL’s other TV designs have generally been minimalist, but didn’t quite have a premium look to them. The C Series changes that with a slim metallic trim that makes the experience of watching TV almost seem borderless. The metallic trim is complemented by an attractive metal stand and audio grill. The backside is super slim too — until you reach its bottom half. These TVs are thin on top but thick-waisted — this baby’s got back! The thicker part is where all the hardware goes — we’ve seen a few high-end sets go totally thin, but they’ve only done that by including an external unit (usually a soundbar) to store all that hardware. Those kinds of sets can be mounted flush against the wall, something that can’t be done with these TVs.

The TCL C Series TVs have edge-lit 4K LED panels and support both HDR10 and the more advanced Dolby Vision standards. In general, picture quality is excellent. Visuals are sharp and bright with vibrant colors and solid blacks. Unlike TCL’s more affordable models, the C Series has a suite of advanced picture settings, so you can really tweak and optimize the visuals to your tastes. The one thing the C Series does lack is local dimming zones, which allow for better localized contrast — this feature is on TCL’s P Series TVs, but had to be sacrificed here to get the C Series sets as thin as they are. The TCL C Series TVs are not quite as impressive as Samsung’s more expensive QLED TV with Quantum Dots, but it is very, very good and everyone who has taken a gander at it while we have been testing has been impressed with it.

Like all TCL TVs this year, the 65″ 65C807 model we’ve been testing runs the Roku OS smart TV interface. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Roku OS — between its incredibly clean, user-friendly interface and its wealth of apps, it has become our home entertainment system of choice.

In addition to having great picture quality, we are really impressed with the TV’s audio prowess. Most flat panels, especially more affordable ones, struggle with audio, particularly when it comes to speech. Thanks to Dolby Audio processing, the sound coming from the built-in speakers of the 65C807 is top notch. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new TV and then struggling to make out the dialogue that you’re listening to, but the TCL C Series produces super crisp, clear, distinct dialogue that is so good, you won’t need an external soundbar. Will a soundbar produce more powerful audio than the TV? Most soundbars probably will, but you don’t NEED to get one for the the 65C807 the way you do with most other flat panels.

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