The Beats Studio Wireless Are Finally Getting Upgraded With Apple’s W1 Chip

The Beats Studio3 Wireless feature better noise cancellation, better battery life, and easier pairing with Apple devices.

It’s been a long time coming, but Beats and Apple are finally ready to refresh the flagship over-ear Studio headphones. The Studio headphones were conspicuously absent during last year’s iPhone reveal, when the Solo on-ears and Powerbeats in-ears were upgraded with Apple’s new W1 chip. But they’re making an appearance now, just one week before what might be the biggest iPhone announcement since the first one.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones are going to benefit a lot from that W1 chip, which more or less officially welcomes the Beats over-ears to the Apple family — it’s the first time they’ve been updated since Apple acquired Beats. The W1 chip does a few things — it allows wireless headphones to switch from one of your Apple devices to the next depending on which one you’re using, it improves battery life, and it improves Bluetooth connection stability and quality. Expect all of those benefits to accrue to the Studio3. The seamless switching is the most exciting part, but don’t sleep on the jump to 22 hours of battery life.

Oh, and those 22 hours? That’s with their Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation on. Their Pure ANC works like other kinds of active noise cancellation — by using mics to pick up background noise, then cancel it out with opposing frequencies. Beats’ Pure ANC is a little more dynamic, constantly adjusting those cancelling frequencies to block out people talking, cars driving by, and the like. If you don’t need Pure ANC, you can turn it off and get 40 hours of battery life. If that battery does run low, the Studio3 have Beats’ Fast Fuel quick charging, which can get you hours of listening with just a few minutes of charging.

As usual, the Beats Studio Wireless will be available in a range of colors — matte black, white, blue, and red, with porcelain rose and shadow gray in on special edition models. And, as usual, they’ll be expensive at $350. You can order the Beats Studio3 Wireless starting today from Apple. After long being derided for tuning their sound too heavily on the bass side, Beats products do seem to have become more balanced over time, and we’re guessing Apple will stay that course. We’ll only know once we’ve been able to give them a listen ourselves!