6 Beautiful iPhone X Cases You Can Order Now

Here’s how to protect that $1,000 phone in style.

The iPhone X is upon us, and as was heavily rumored, it’s not cheap. But, the phone being $1,000 (at least!) isn’t even the most pressing reason to go get a case for it! Now that Apple is adding wireless charging, they’re using glass on both the front and back of the iPhone. As the clumsy among us know, they can use Gorilla Glass 1,000,000 for all we know and we’ll still end up with a Spider-man phone after a drop or two.

So, as nice as the waterproofing and the stainless steel frame are, we’re going to need some protection for this investment. Fortunately, we’re already seeing a lot of great case options in the early going. Here are some of our early favorite iPhone X cases, and you can order them now or very soon, so they’ll arrive on the same day as the phone itself! Hey, a lot can happen in a day.


Speck has iPhone X cases for everything in their extra-tough Presidio line. If you want to show off that natural iPhone beauty while letting your case have a little character, you can spring for one of their clear + print cases, like those lovely floral one.

Speck – $40 – $50

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