24 of the Best Monthly Subscription Boxes You Might Not Have Heard of Yet

From booze to Hello Kitty, there’s almost nothing the subscription box craze doesn’t cover!

No matter your area of interest, there’s bound to be a subscription box for it! It’s like the ’90s all over again, but instead of magazines, you’re getting actual stuff! Seems like a better deal to us. We’ve scoured the internet for the best monthly subscription boxes that exist a bit outside the mainstream, and we think you’re going to find at least one you’ll love. A lot of these boxes can be ordered individually or can become monthly surprises, and with so many to choose from, you’re bound to find something you can keep on looking forward to!

Shaker & Spoon

Mix it up with a monthly cocktail box. Fresh ingredients and creative combinations will definitely liven up your Friday nights (and the occasional Wednesdays).

Shaker & Spoon Box – $50/month

Estate Crate

If you have love for all things vintage but lead a modern life, Estate Crate has you covered. They’re like a personal shopper for all things old-fashioned. Each box has a wide variety of items that each have a story to tell.

Estate Crate – $54/month

Cat Lady Box

Brighten up your cat’s life every month! The Cat Lady Box contains a great variety of products for you and your furbaby such as cups, jewelry, and toys. The Cat Lady Box even donates a portion of the proceeds to a cat shelter.

CatLadyBox – $35/month

Lootcrate’s Pets

Here’s another pet-friendly choice! Treat your four-legged friend to a monthly surprise, complete with toys, snacks and fandom merchandise! Combine your love of all things nerdy with your love of all things fuzzy to make your bestie the best looking pet in the galaxy.

Lootcrate Pets – $15/month

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