Futurama is Getting a New Episode, But It Won’t Be on TV

Matt Groening’s sci-fi cartoon is coming back as a one-off radio show.

The on-again off-again hijinks of Fry and Leela are going to continue yet again this week, but this revival won’t last quite as long as the TV show did! After a four-season run on Fox ending in 2003 and a three-season run on Comedy Central ending in 2013, Futurama is getting what might be its last episode — and it’s forsaking TV altogether. Actually, it’s saying goodbye to the entire range of visual media! The show is getting a 42-minute podcast episode in the style of a radio drama, and it can be listened to on SoundCloud and the Nerdist podcast starting this Thursday.

Appropriately called “Radiorama,” the episode is affiliated with the Futurama mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow. Chris Hardwick, the founder of Nerdist, was actually a driving force behind making the episode happen — after the cast and crew had gotten together to create parts of the mobile game, Hardwick was able to convince them to do the radio play. Hardwick even managed to get into the play himself as the villain, Klaxxon, who apparently is an entity made entirely of soundwaves from 21st century podcasts. The enemy, as ever, is us.

“Radiorama,” which will surely be filled with War of the Worlds references, does indeed bring back the original main cast behind Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, Bender, Zoidberg, and the rest of the delivery crew. It also might just be the last we hear from Matt Groening until his new animated projectDisenchantment, arrives on Netflix next year.

Via Deadline