25 Super Geeky Adult Coloring Books to Help You Relieve Fandom Stress

Are the characters of your favorite show acting dumb again? Did the writers shunt in something that totally doesn’t fit that one character? We’ve been there. Fandom stress is real, and along with all the other real-word stress we have to deal with, you have to find some kind of outlet. Adult coloring books have become great ways for adults to unwind and explore their creativity in the process. You might not be able to color away those awful filler episodes, but at least you can tune out for a while with these geeky adult coloring books!

Star Trek: the Next Generation Adult Coloring Book


Engage in coloring fun with this The Next Generation Star Trek adult coloring book. Just be sure you have Data green on hand! We suggest a binge-watch weekend and a pile of colored pencils as high as the popcorn. Also, extra points for working in “Shut up Wesley!” into the drawings.

Amazon – $10.39

Sherlock Adult Coloring Book


Sherlock’s wallpaper is just begging to be colored in, as are those luscious locks of his. This book is super fun due to the quintessential British street scenes and patterns. If you do a Sherlock binge-watch session, be prepared to be completely immersed in it with this awesomely detailed coloring book.

Amazon – $9.31

Doctor Who Adult Coloring Book


Well, we’re a lot less stressed about waiting until next April for the new Doctor Who series now that we know we’re getting treated to the first female Doctor! Enjoy this one, but we can’t wait until it gets updated with pages including the 13th Doctor!

Amazon – $12.94

Disney Princess Adult Coloring Book


Now this is the ultimate mother-daughter creative endeavor. You can color your way through 100 beautiful pages of Disney princesses and their kingdoms!

Amazon – $12.79

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