Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

This smart lock turns your existing deadbolt into a Bluetooth smart lock.

The Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock is a renter-friendly option for connected control over your low-tech door’s deadbolt. It doesn’t require permanent installation, making it easy to take off once it’s time to move elsewhere — no hassle from the landlord! Meanwhile, the Kevo app offers a handy log of the coming and goings in your home, and it lets you do convenient things like unlocking your door with your phone before you head to the door with your grocery bags. You can also send friends or family virtual keys with time specific windows that can also be revoked.

To really test out the Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock, we installed it on a renter door that is, uh, shall we say, lackluster in quality. We did this to show how anyone can use this to regain some control even if their door is not fancy.

While install was not what we would call easy, internal screaming and panic were kept to a minimum despite the many little pieces and instructions needed to complete the install and setup. The app provides an interactive tutorial that will give you step-by-step instructions to install the Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock. After it is physically installed, you then setup a virtual key on the app for yourself — that’s your master key. After that, you can share virtual keys with friends or family for a 24-hour window, a custom window, or permanent permission. This is a super cool feature.

While the Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock can be taken off easily, you will need a screwdriver and some handywoman skills to install the lock. It’s not the simplest process, but once it’s done, you get a pretty easy to use lock.

Once the lock is installed, your deadbolt can be locked or unlocked with one tap on the lock icon on the app. Using the app, you’ll also be able to see which users locked and unlocked the door, and at what times — yep, it’s now just that much harder for teens to sneak out.

As usual with Bluetooth smart locks, you’ll have to weigh just how valuable these features are to you. Having to take your phone out to unlock a door isn’t much more convenient than having to take out your keys, so that part’s more or less a wash. It’s the ability to grant temporary access to friends and family members that could prove to be a lot cheaper and more convenient than getting copies of the physical key made. Kevo Convert also works with Amazon Alexa in addition to IFTTT and integrations with other smart home devices (Ring, Skybell, Nest, etc.).

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