Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock Review

This smart lock turns your existing deadbolt into a Bluetooth smart lock.


The Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock is a nice way to give a tech boost to a regular old deadbolt. It lets you share virtual keys with friends and family and also revoke them if you want. Have a dogwalker? They can only access the door during the specific time you scheduled it. That is some nice peace of mind. Install was a bit of a headache, but once it is done you really never have to deal with it again, so I think it’s worth the investment of time and energy to install. One surprising feature that is missing is that you do not get notifications if someone enters your door manually. For that, you would need to upgrade to the Kevo Plus.

The Kwikset Kevo Convert Bluetooth Smart Lock is available online from Kwikset for $150.

The Good: Virtual key sharing, looks stylish

The Bad: Technical install, doesn’t register manual entry

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