LG Gets Fancy With this New OLED TV Created In Partnership with Bang & Olufsen

The set sees LG hop into the extremely niche designer TV market.

Bang & Olufsen is known for audio and high-minded design — LG is known for almost single-handedly carrying the torch for OLED TVs. Last year, the two companies figured they’d both do what they’re good at and create a really special TV. Their work so far has culminated in the BeoVision Eclipse TV, and it will certainly stand out!

B&O loves their round, silver-colored metal stands, and they’ve stayed on brand with this TV. The stand certainly has B&O’s usual minimalist look, holding up a kind of strange sight — a very thin 4K OLED panel perched atop a a silver soundbar wider than the TV itself. A larger speaker unit is no surprise, though — those ultra-thin OLED panels are awesome, but the hardware that runs the image processor and the smart TV interface has to go somewhere. There’s even a bit of customization, as B&O will let you choose the color of the grille cover on that soundbar.

There’s more to that stand than meets the eye. It’s actually motorized, so you can rotate the TV with a remote. The TV will also come with a motorized wall bracket that can move the TV away from the wall.

While we know what to expect from LG’s OLED panels (really expensive, top-notch color contrast), we never quite know what to expect from built-in TV audio. Looks like B&O went in as hard with the speakers as they did with the design! Inside that big bar is one 1″ tweeter, two 2.5″ full range drivers, three 4″ midrange/woofer hybrids, with each speaker unit getting its own dedicated amp (450 watts of power in all). If that’s not good enough, B&O will be all too happy to help you configure it with an external B&O system before you leave the store. Sounds like a nice deal for B&O!

The designer TV thing isn’t for everyone, but apparently it’s for enough people — Samsung’s been turning a designer TV yearly for a while now, often with the help of Yves Behar. Like those Samsung TVs, the LG BeoVision Eclipse TV will be super expensive! Granted, that’s not necessarily because you’re paying more for a name — OLED TVs still run for thousands of dollars in general. This one will cost a lot of thousands, though. 55″ and 65″ sets are coming this month for $11,000 and $16,000, respectively.

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