LuMee Duo iPhone Case Review (iPhone 6/6S/7)

This LED case is a pretty fun accessory that does some great lighting work for selfies!

Whether or not you need it, the new LuMee Duo iPhone case is pretty neat. It adds light strips to both the front and back of your iPhone. The extra light can be used for reading, video chatting, and a bunch more, but from the marketing, we can tell it’s only got one real use — selfies!


The Lumee Duo iPhone case is compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, and 7, and there’s also a model for the Plus models of those phones. It’s a sort-of typical iPhone case in that iPhone pops right in and it does add plenty of rear protection and a bit of front protection.

The LED lights are what makes this case special. On the back of the case is a dedicated button for toggling between front lights, back lights, and off. There’s a powerful light strip on the right and left sides of iPhone’s face, and another two light strips on the back. Pressing and holding the button will dim or brighten the lights.

The actual light is a little warmer in color temperature than we expected. If you use the LuMee Duo iPhone Case for photos, they’ll look more natural than studio quality. We found with a little testing that the back light doesn’t greatly enhance photos, but the front light is great for video chatting in the dark. Although the iPhone lacks a front flash, it can use the screen as a flash, which already works pretty well. The extra light from the LuMee Duo iPhone Case definitely doesn’t hurt, though. One nice thing is that the light is diffused and not coming from a single source.

We like the accessibility of the light. You don’t even have to turn the screen on to use it! It’s just a simple button press, and it remembers your brightness settings. The LuMee Duo iPhone Case uses its own battery and comes with a Micro USB charger for charging. Because of all the tech, it does add a noticeable amount of heft. It also doubles the thickness of your iPhone, but does add some protection in the process.

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