Sony Has Greenlit a Men in Black Spinoff, and It Could Be in Theaters Sooner Than You Think

The movie will follow new characters – whether or not it’ll use the theme song again is unknown.

Haven’t had your memories of Men in Black erased? If you’ve managed not to get neuralyzed, good news — Sony Pictures is bringing the series back, although Agents J and K may or may not be around for the festivities. They’ve given the OK to a spinoff movie that will follow a new set of characters, and it sounds like Sony wants it to be produced quickly.

The target release date is May 17, 2019 — that’s still a while from now, but in an era where we’re used to having movies announced three or four years ahead of time, it’s a bit of a shocker to hear that a newly minted project is due out in just over a year and a half. There will be lots of experience behind the scenes to make that timeline work, though — Steven Spielberg will be back as executive producer, while the writers of Iron Man, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, will be writing the script.

Being a spinoff of some sort, we know it won’t be centered around Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, although there’s no reason to rule out at least cameo appearances. It’s unknown if the plan is to pull from minor characters in the first three movies or create all new ones — no word about cast or director, so it’s too soon to tell. But, with the project being fast-tracked, we imagine we’ll hear more news about this Men in Black spinoff sooner rather than later.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

Header image: Columbia Pictures