The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in Stores Starting Today

Samsung’s latest and greatest is ready to do battle with the iPhone X and the LG V30.

It’s time for the fall smartphone battle to kick off! We’ve already got the major players — the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X, and the LG V30 — announced and hyped. Now it’s time for you to check them out for yourself in stores. You can do that starting today, with the Galaxy Note 8 arriving in most major retail locations.

The Note 8 is now in stores for all major carriers — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint — plus a handful of prepaid options like Straight Talk Wireless. You can also grab one with a carrier plan at retail locations like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Whatever you choose, it’s not going to be cheap. The Note 8 actually isn’t that much cheaper than the $1,000 iPhone X, ranging from $930 to $960 depending on which carrier you go with.

Which one of those big three phones should you pick? Well, we haven’t used any of them for long enough to know for sure yet, but if you’re a stylus fan, Samsung is still your best (and only) bet.