26 Super Adorable Disney Earrings You Can Buy for $30 or Less

These fan makers have outdone themselves with Disney earrings all done in a heartwarming cutesy style!

It’s all good news today! We’ve been trawling Etsy for cute Disney gear again, and with the holiday shopping season coming up, the prospect of getting awesome cute stuff on the cheap seems even more attractive. We’ve managed to round up 25 pairs of fan-made Disney earrings that all cost $30 or less — cheap enough to let you stuff a few stockings (after you’ve stuffed your own!). Best of all, they’re all done in an especially cute style that will warm everyone’s heart this winter!

Ariel and Flounder Earrings

This set features little figures of Ariel and Flounder made out of clay. This particular shop makes earrings with both studs and magnets, so you don’t even need your ears pierced! And yes, we’ve got a lot more from this shop coming up ahead!

CandyDesignCrea/Etsy – about $27

Mickey and Minnie Earrings

We’ve mostly got earrings on this list, but if you’re looking for plugs, here’s a little something on the classic side of Disney!

GeekyWears/Etsy – about $19.50

Tinker Bell Earrings

We love the adorable Tinker Bell, but more useful might be the little vial of Pixie Dust on the other earring. Don’t use it all in one place!

BrunaZassou/Etsy – about $22

Maleficent Earrings

Have a wicked sense of style? These faux gauges based on Maleficent’s horns are a great look!

TaniaChernova/Etsy – $15

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