The Random Things You Find When You Search for Halloween on Amazon

How does one search for the spirit of the holidays? We’re fortunate enough to live in a time when we have one answer to that question for all holidays — Amazon! Can’t imagine what would say more about the way we celebrate our holidays than combing the things we buy for them, and boy does Amazon deliver.

But, we’re not here to bring you that page one junk (alright, some things are from page one). This is a story of going further — much further. This is the story of what happens when you press next page and don’t stop. It’s…well, it’s not horrifying, but it’s pretty weird.

Poseable skeleton

I’m pretty sure this guy doesn’t come with the bag of cheetos, a hat, and a cold one, so not the best deal.

Bloody hands shower curtain

If you were trying to prove that you were the MOST into decorating for Halloween, I feel like this would be the final word in the argument.

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