Here’s How to Best Use the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

The Good: Balanced sound, excellent battery life, secure fit, easy pairing with Apple devices

The Bad: Can become uncomfortable after more than an hour, sound quality isn’t good enough to justify $350 on its own

Who they’re for: The fashionable, Apple fans looking for premium sound quality, gym-goers who prefer over-ear headphones to in-ears

The Short: Headed to the gym and can’t stand in-ear headphones? Beats are still best.

The Gear: Beats sent us a pair of the limited edition porcelain rose Studio3 Wireless headphones.

In this era of yearly updates, three years seems like an eternity! That’s how long ago the second generation of the Beats Studio over-ears came out, introducing wireless connectivity to Beats’ most recognizable pair of headphones. Since then, Beats has become property of Apple, and it’s that acquisition that has finally given us the Studio3 Wireless headphones.

Last year Apple introduced their new W1 chip, and while it’s supposed to improve battery life in wireless headphones, it also makes it super easy to pair Bluetooth gadgets with Apple devices — just turn these headphones on, put them next to one of your Apple devices, and you’ll be prompted to pair automatically without having to dive into Bluetooth settings (note: you’ll need at least iOS 10.2, WatchOS 3, or Mac OS Sierra to do that). Android users can still get down with Beats, but they’ll have to pair the old-fashioned way.

But, Apple and Beats didn’t stop there. They’re also using new tech to cancel background noise, leaving you with just your tunes. Put that together with Beats sound and the same familiar design, and you’ve got the $350 Beats Studio3 Wireless. Are they worth that high price? That depends on where you’re going to use them!

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