Here’s How to Best Use the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

On the street

As always, the Beats Studio headphones are part gadget and part fashion accessory. Beats seem to be pretty satisfied with what they’ve accomplished here, because the design and style of the headphones hasn’t changed from the last generation. That’s kind of surprising, since Beats aren’t quite as hot as they were earlier in the decade, but having a slate of new colors definitely helps!

The white-on-gold, black-on-black, and blue-on-silver all look terrific, but the biggest improvement is the red option. The red hue on the second generation had a blaring, plasticky look to it — this generation’s matte red-on-silver looks way more refined. But, you might be inclined to spring for the two limited edition options — shadow grey and the porcelain rose that we got to try out. Porcelain rose is more like a cream color, and looks beautiful paired with gold detailing.

Of course, the good looks and that ‘b’ logo will always make Beats an iffy choice for street wear — being wireless, they’re even easier to steal off your head! But, if you’re still in love with the Beats look after all these years, they’re even more lovable this time around.

The noise cancellation is pretty good, although it’s not perfect. Apple and Beats are moving in that direction, though — this year’s Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation does a much better job of blocking out background noise of all kinds, from cars to voices. You’ll still get some background noise leaking in, especially from louder trains, but overall I think just about anyone will be satisfied with what they get here. Even if you’re not, the Beats can get so loud that what little background noise remains can be drowned out.

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