The Non-Apple User’s Guide to Choosing the Best True Wireless Earbuds

Who needs cables? The last couple years have seen loads of true wireless earbuds hit the market, starting with a handful of crowdfunded projects before the Apple AirPods made everyone aware! These little Bluetooth wireless buds don’t even have a cable to connect them, making them super sleek and lightweight.

If you’re an Apple user, well, you’ll probably want those AirPods — the ease of pairing and switching between all of your Apple devices is just too convenient. As usual, Apple has given their customers a lot of reasons to keep things in the family!

But, if you’re an Android user or you’re just not digging the stems on those AirPods, we’re here to help you sift through the other options to find the best true wireless earbuds. We’ll run through everything you might be looking for in a good pair of buds to help you decide which true wireless earbuds are right for you. And, if you don’t see the ones you’re considering, bear with us — we’ll be adding to this guide as we get our hands on more!

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