Heart-melting Animal Videos, in Case You Needed a Cuteness Therapy Session

The animal kingdom is just the best!

Cuteness alert! My favorite part of the internet is by far the abundance of adorable animal videos. Nothing quite brightens your day like animals being tiny, fluffy, sweet, compassionate, curious, or goofy. Prepare to have your heart melted and your browser refresh button at the ready so you can watch these again and again. Bet you can’t watch every single one and not smile!

Meet Harley the hedgehog and Loki the kitten in this video! It’s so delightful to watch them go from wary of one another to curious!

OK, I admit, I’m completely partial to ponies but Emma and her best friend Cinnamon are too sweet to handle! Emma is so small and brave and Cinnamon is a complete sweetheart with the patience of a saint. I wish every little girl could have such an awesome best friend!

Do you believe in magic? This sweet, young orangutan is simply delighted by this magician’s crafty trick! This lovely little guy falls over with laughter and delight after seeing that the cup is now empty!

Arvo the long haired dachshund tries valiantly to squeeze a teddy bear much larger than him into his crate! His determination is really heartwarming. His parents are going to need to get him a bigger room to share with his friend!

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