25 Fan-made Disney Heels Fit for a Ball

Whether you want a whole new pair of heels or want to Disney up a pair you already own, we’ve got you covered!

Standard black heels are the go-to for party dress pairing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to switch it up a bit with some Disney Princess-inspired high heels? These party-ready heels are the only ones you will want to leave your house in. The only thing missing is your prince to whisk you away to a ball fit for these babies!

Little Mermaid Comic Book Heels

Comic books AND Disney Princesses? Get the best of both worlds with these walking conversation starters.

PegstarDesigns/Etsy – $95.50

Rapunzel Heels with Bows

You’ll definitely be letting your hair down and dancing the night away in these Rapunzel heels. The bow detail is a great touch!

ComicBookShoeZone/Etsy – $82

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