Your Netflix Benders Are About to Get a Little More Expensive

Netflix is raising the price of their streaming service in the United States this month.

Despite being the reigning queen of the streaming world, Netflix is in a whole heap of debt — those originals don’t cost a dollar. With the second season of Stranger Things reported to cost $6 million to $8 million per episode (and there are nine of them) and tons more big budget productions on the roster, you can see why they’re $20 billion plus in the hole.

What we’re saying is, we probably should have known that these costs were going to get passed down to viewers with some regularity.

Last year, Netflix tried to shore things up by hitting those grandfathered in on the older $7.99 streaming plan — their subscriptions went up to the regular $9.99 per month fee. This year, it looks like everyone’s going to be pitching in a little more. According to Mashable, Netflix is increasing the price of their streaming plan in the United States by $1 to $10.99, a change that should take place in the next month. If you’re on the 4K streaming plan, that’ll jump up $2 from $11.99 to $13.99.

The $1 jump is pretty modest — it helps everyone that Netflix’s subscriber base is so massive. Stat tracking site Statista puts the current U.S. Netflix subscriber base at over 50 million, which means Netflix stands to make over $50 million extra after next month. That number will be a good deal higher with the bigger increase to the 4K plan factored in, which essentially means that this price increase is paying for the new season of Stranger Things. Doesn’t seem so bad when you put it that way!