Hilarious Animals Hitching Rides on Roombas

It’s why robot vacuums were really invented.

We know you bought that Roomba for vacuuming, but it has a whole other purpose for these users! Who knew you could clean your house while at the same time providing your pet with hours of endless enjoyment? These animals take riding in style to a whole new level! For our bonus round, we feature two incredible animals making the treadmill look easy (I seriously need to step up my workouts).

This Boston Terrier is in the Holiday spirit. Forget a sled, he’s got a Roomba!

Sharknado? No, just a twirling cat in a shark costume complete with duck sidekick. They deserve their own movie!

Living up to his adventurous and curious nature, this ferret makes Roomba riding look like a breeze. He really sticks that dismount!

Bye bye! It’s a well known fact that parrots are talkers and Packy is going to be talking about this ride for days.

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