VTech Has New Smartwatches for Little Jedi and Sith Lords

The two new Star Wars-themed smartwatches are based on VTech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Holiday shopping season is now Star Wars merch season, and few are capable of resisting the tractor beam-like pull of the Force. VTech is securely in orbit this year, coming out with two Star Wars-themed smartwatches for kids based on BB-8 and the First Order.

The two watches are based on the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX that the company introduced years ago. Like most of VTech’s products, there are tight controls on what kids can do — it’s not the sort of adult smartwatch that works with smartphones and can search the whole internet for who knows what. These smartwatches just have a little low-res camera for videos and pictures, along with a few fun filters kids can add before they share their creations with the family. The watch also has a bunch of preloaded games and apps from the VTech Learning Lodge, the company’s app store. The Learning Lodge is just as tightly controlled, so even if your kids want to add more apps or games, you won’t need to worry about them finding anything that isn’t age appropriate.

On top of all that, VTech is adding a bunch of special Star Wars goodies to the two new watches. They can make lightsaber sound effects when kids wave their arms around, and those photo filters will now include a few Star Wars options. They’ve also added a bunch of custom Star Wars watch faces that kids can choose from, plus a few Star Wars-themed apps and games alongside the usual set of preloaded software.

The black and red First Order smartwatch and the orange and white BB-8 smartwatch are both available now for $70.