Can the LG V30 Camera Really Make Your Pictures Look Effortlessly Beautiful?

With the iPhone, you generally know what to expect — Apple’s going to make one little tweak to annoy you, but most everything else about the phone is going to be great. Over on the Android side, it’s not so simple! With these phones increasingly looking similar inside and out, companies have been scrambling to find that one little thing that separates their phone from the pack.

For LG, it’s their camera. The LG V line has always been meant as a premium line for creators — people who expect the absolute best out of their phone’s camera and audio. The latest version, the V30, is no different — the camera hardware looks like the best in Android on paper, with wide-aperture lenses and high-end camera sensors. Combine that with a camera app stuffed with features, and the hope is that you’ve finally found a camera that will let you feel good about leaving that bulky DSLR at home on your next trip.

We had some early reactions to a pre-production version of the V30 a couple months ago, and after some time with a production model, we’re finally ready to break down what you can do with the camera — and whether or not you’ll be satisfied. We’ll also go into detail about what we liked and didn’t like about the rest of the phone, so keep on reading for that!

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