These New Mirrors at MAC Stores Let You Try On Makeup Without Actually Putting Anything on Your Face

If you’ve ever looked with any level of suspicion at the open tester products at cosmetics stores, we’ve got some great news. MAC stores are getting magic mirrors this month, and while they won’t tell you who the fairest of them all is, they will tell you how that new eyeliner is going to look without having to actually put it on your face!

MAC plans to have the virtual try-on mirrors in U.S. stores by the end of the year, with the mirrors going global next year. You’ll be able to use the mirrors to virtually try on all kinds of MAC cosmetics products, from eyeliner to lipstick, just by looking into the mirror and selecting which products you’d like to try.

Sound like magic? It’s actually tech that’s been years in the making thanks to the company that MAC has partnered with for the new mirrors.

Who’s behind the mirror?

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