An Artist is Turning Pop Stars into Pokémon Gym Leaders, and We’re Here for It

Imagine, for a while, that Pokémon Go was so awesome that gym battles actually had to be done in person. Then, imagine that you step into one of those gyms, and out of the shadows steps one of the most famous pop stars on the planet, ready with a team of six to put the hurt on your Pokes.

Artist Bruno Alexander out of São Luís, Brazil did, and the result is this pretty awesome series of pop stars drawn in the style of Pokémon gym leaders. He even went through the trouble of figuring out which Pokémon type each pop star would be partial toward, and we’ve got to say he’s pretty much nailing it.

Alexander’s series is a work in progress, too! He’s finished up the first generation of leaders, with five of eight done out of the second series and one done of a whole new third series. He’s even knocked out two out of the Elite Four of pop star gym leaders — we’re assuming that means a champion pop star will eventually be crowned, and we can’t wait to see who that will be!

If you want to see more of Alexander’s work, please be sure to check out his Behance page and his Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr accounts, too.


Bruno Alexander/Facebook

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Bruno Alexander/Facebook

Rihanna is fire, because, well, Rihanna is fire.

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