These Brilliant Students Invented New Musical Instruments in Less Than Two Days

Is the next big thing on YouTube going to rise thanks to the sounds of the Machine Elf? Maybe! The Machine Elf looks like it might be the frame of a Bluetooth speaker from the outside, but it’s not for reproducing sound — it’s for creating it! It’s one of five musical instruments that were created in under 48 hours at the latest Red Bull Hack the Hits challenge, and basically we want to see them all in the hands of that mandatory house band member that always has the random, homemade instrument.

Red Bull has always been into super weird inventions — pretty sure everyone’s watched at least one Flugtag video at this point. Their latest competition, Hack the Hits, has teams of college students competing in a two-day scramble to create a musical instrument out of a bunch of random parts. The latest one happened earlier this month in San Francisco, and saw even more strange sounds born from some brilliant young minds!

Ryan Fleming/Red Bull Content Pool
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