These Brilliant Students Invented New Musical Instruments in Less Than Two Days

So, what’s going on this Machine Elf thing, anyway? The electronic sound is changed by turning and tilting the instrument. A little sensor inside keeps track of how much the Machine Elf is being moved and in what direction, modulating the sound accordingly! With those sensors finely tuned, that setup allows for pretty much limitless different sounds that can be created!

Ryan Fleming/Red Bull Content Pool

The winning team has a pretty diverse background! Clare Mason, who studies computer science at Seattle University, was joined by Anirudh Mani, a music technology grad from Carnegie Mellon, and Grant Bouvier, a sonic arts grad from Brooklyn College. The trio won based on their performance across three criteria — uniqueness, the music created, and how easy their creation is to pick up and play.

Ryan Fleming/Red Bull Content Pool
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