Star Wars Goes to School in This Amazing ’80s High School Fan Art Series

’80s high school was pretty much peak high school as it is (thanks John Hughes), but artist Denis Medri somehow managed to improve on what we thought was perfection. His Star Wars ’80s High School series is exactly what it sounds like — classic Star Wars characters taking their personal dramas to the lockers. As you’ll see there’s…kind of a lot of overlap.

Check out his work, and if you like what you see, be sure to support the artist by checking out more of his work and his online shop on Behance and ArtStation!

Denis Medri/Behance

Luke and Leia — the use of headphones for Leia’s hair buns was an inspired choice.

Denis Medri/Behance

Grand Moff Tarkin is the uptight teacher, Palpatine is the principal, and Jabba is definitely not in the same position of power he was in in Return of the Jedi!

Denis Medri/Behance

That’s pretty much what I imagined a human C-3PO would look like, too.

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