Star Wars Goes to the Victorian Era in This Dapper Art Series

What happens when you replace Queen Amidala with Queen Victoria? Top hats and real sepia tone, not that wannabe Instagram stuff. We’re going back in time two ways to celebrate artist Terry Fan’s Victorian Wars series from a few years back. Droids, Jedi, and Sith make their way into the upper reaches of 1800s English society, a time that was probably just as good for dueling as the Star Wars era is!

Terry Fan has plenty of other pretty awesome works, so if you like this, be sure to check out everything else he’s done on his website, and if you want to support the artist, be sure to check out his Society6 shop!

Terry Fan

Chewbacca’s already excellent facial hair is improved markedly by that mustache.

Terry Fan

Are there cutouts in that suit for all of R2’s tools?

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