Inside The Fabulous, Luxurious Life Of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner. The girl is a mogul and she’s been dominating the Los Angeles area and beyond for years now.

Her company, Kylie Cosmetics, is reportedly worth $420 million, according to her mom Kris Jenner.

Kylie is rolling in money; she’s got that lip kit money. Let’s take a look inside her fabulous, luxurious life. The envy is real!

She Has A Freaking Ferrari  

Instagram: @kyliejenner

We can all spot that iconic pony logo from a mile away. Kylie Jenner owns a Ferrari. Specifically, a 458 Spider.

Tyga, her boyfriend at the time, bought this drool-worthy car for her for a sum of $320,000.

Ok cool. This cost more than the house most people live in. No big deal to be driving a car worth that much, especially when you’ve only just turned 18, right?

US Law restricts Ferrari from manufacturing more than 10,000 cars a year.

Pair that with their obscene price tags, and the reality is most people have no hopes of ever affording one unless they want to sell their house and live out of a fabulous car!

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