We Want Star Wars: Episode IX to Just Be These Disney Princesses Wielding Lightsabers

See, the cool thing is this could totally happen if Disney wanted. All someone high up has to do is say a few words, and we’d get an animated Star Wars episode full of Disney Princesses becoming the next generation of Jedi. Or Sith! Who knows how this plays out?

We’ll thank DeviantArt user White-Magician for this idea — she’s created a whole series of Disney princesses as Jedi, giving them lightsabers and turning their dresses into something a little more fashionable in a galaxy far, far away. Check them out, and if you want to see more of her work, you can head over to the artist’s Tumblr and Facebook pages!


I guess when you’ve got to take on an evil stepmother and two stepsisters, dual-wielding becomes a necessity.


Makes sense that her lightsaber would also be ridiculously long!

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