Here’s What Would Happen if Doctor Who Took the TARDIS to Springfield

It’s a plausible episode for both shows, right? If Homer can end up being transported to the real world in that one Treehouse of Horror episode, the Doctor can certainly wind up in Springfield! Artist Dean T Fraser is only encouraging us — for a while now, he’s been turning Doctor Who characters from throughout the show’s history into Simpsons-style characters!

It’s time to get excited about Doctor Who, anyway. We’re all anticipating the Christmas special and the introduction of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing a Simpsons version of her soon enough, too! You can check in on Fraser’s Springfield Punx blog and his website to keep tabs on his work, which includes Simpsons versions of a lot of other characters from pop culture!

Springfield Punx

We’re looking forward to Jodie Whittaker, but we’re a little sad we’re only a few weeks away from seeing the last of Capaldi’s Doctor.

Springfield Punx

Fraser has done a few versions of Clara (appropriately enough), but we like this one of her in the red plaid skirt!

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