These 7 Enormous Lego Sculptures Are What We Wished We Could Build as Kids

Childhood — when our imaginations were the most active! I can still remember the joys of taking all my loose Lego bricks and building rad ships and Moon bases of my own devising. Good times! Well, the only difference between me and the people behind these sculptures is that while I stopped, they just kept thinking bigger. Lego has become a genuine art form over the years, with artists taking up the brick to build some seriously cool sculptures. Some of them, like the one’s you’ll see here, are unbelievably massive!

Lego Porsche


We’ll start with the newest one! Porsche tweeted out this shot from Art Basel in Miami this week — it looks like a drastically scaled up version of this Porsche 911 GT3 RS set that we saw come out last year.

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