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Five Terrific Tech Gifts Under $100

This post is sponsored by Walmart and SheKnows Media.

Holiday gift shopping can get frustrating — the best gifts are tech gifts, but most of them are so expensive! If you’ve got a lot of people to shop for, the whole situation can leave you feeling trapped, stressed, and without those good holiday vibes. So, is it time to pack it in and make it gift cards all around?

Not quite! Walmart has plenty of excellent tech gifts for under $100 that will put smiles on faces – including yours. Whether you’re shopping for the kids or the tech novice, you’ll find something here that’s just right for them, while you get the satisfaction of a gift well given without having to go broke! Here’s our top five, all of which you can find right now for under $100 at Walmart.


JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are proven winners during the holiday season — who says no to better sounding music? We’ve always known JBL to have loud, clear sound, and that’s true of their Flip 4 speaker. It’s big enough to boom, but it’s small enough to be travel-friendly for pool parties and beach trips. IPX7 waterproofing sure helps, too! You can find the JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker right now at Walmart for under $100.


JLab Neon Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Bluetooth headphones were always over $100 not too long ago, but that’s changed in recent years! It’s possible to get a decent-sounding set of wireless headphones for well under $100 these days — and now, even under $30! Walmart currently has the JLab Neon Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones for just $29.83. That’s a pretty great price for a pair of padded on-ear headphones that will finally help cut that pesky cord for good. If you’ve ever caught someone untangling their headphone wires in frustration, this is the perfect gift for them!


Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini might just be the hottest tech gift of the season. Google’s tiny new smart home speaker sounds surprisingly good for its size, but we really love the amount of effort Google put into its design. With Chalk or Charcoal available on the speaker’s sleek fabric cover, you can find something that will either blend into your home’s décor or stand out boldly. It’s a great pick for tech newbies, too — with the Google Home Mini, anyone can set alarms, create calendar events and reminders, play music, get answers from Google, or even order a pizza with simple voice commands. You can even shop over a million items from Walmart with just your voice. The job gets done, no smartphone required! That’s a whole lot packed into something Walmart currently has for just $29. The Google Home is also currently available at Walmart for only $79. Plus, when you buy either the Google Home Mini or Google Home from Walmart you get up to $25 off a Walmart order through Google Express.


Sharper Image Drone

Didn’t expect to see a drone on this list? Neither did we! Quadcopter drones are the remote-control vehicles of this generation, and if you’re of a certain age, you remember how well remote-control holiday gifts always used to go over! Walmart has this Sharper Image DX-2 stunt drone for just $22.50 – it’s a palm-sized drone that comes with its own remote control and a plastic guard to go around the propellers for safety. It’s a perfect little drone for newcomers who want to get used to flying. Before they know it, they’ll be pulling off all kinds of loops and spins in the living room! They may also terrorize pets, it’s going to be different for everyone.



But, if you’re shopping for the younger crowd, you may have already gotten your marching orders. Fingerlings are adorable little robotic creatures that grab onto fingers and react to touch and voice, and they are without doubt the holiday toy of 2017. They’ve been tough to get so far, but keep an eye out for restocks both in store and online and be ready to pounce. When these little creatures do reappear, they won’t be too tough on your wallet – they’re just $14.84 each at Walmart!