8 Smartphone Apps That Will Make the Holidays Brighter

It’s time for the holidays, and whether you’re hosting the family or traveling this year, you’re probably going to be better off with a little technical assistance! There are tons of apps out there to make the season less stressful and way more enjoyable (way more enjoyable in some cases), but we’ve narrowed it down to just eight.


More holiday shopping done online means more tracking numbers to keep track of and a much greater chance of something getting lost in transit! Slice is a pretty cool app that pulls in tracking numbers from your email, regardless of which shipping company is handling the delivery. It’s even a big help before and after you purchase something — you can use Slice to find sales and be notified of any recalls for an item you’ve purchased online.

Slice – iOS/Android


TripIt is another all-in-one app that we love. It’s the perfect travel companion — instead of just keeping track of flight and hotel information, TripIt can become your entire itinerary. You can have the app keep track of restaurant reservations, events, and rental car information. There’s even the option to share your whole trip plan with others, so you won’t constantly have to answer questions about where you’re going to be on which day.

TripIt – iOS/Android

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