Because You Cannot Have the Infinity Gauntlet, Here are 19 Lovely Marvel-Inspired Rings

The ultimate bling from the Marvel universe remains frustratingly out of reach, so we’ll have to make do with stuff of earthly origins. Yeah, anything else is a pretty big step down from the Infinity Gems, but this selection of Marvel rings isn’t half bad! They should make for some nice post-Christmas surprises — maybe the reality-warping ice can be saved for Valentine’s Day.

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This cool stainless steel wrap-style ring is one of the best Black Widow rings we’ve seen!

This webbed Spider-Man ring can be had in 14-karat gold, in case you’re not on that Peter Parker high school student budget anymore.

What’s Your Passion – $275 for sterling silver with 18k gold plating, $1,795 for 14k gold

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