3 Huge Tech Mergers That Happened in 2017, and 3 That Didn’t

We had gotten used to seeing big-name tech mergers coming at us non-stop, but not so much this year! While there were plenty of companies being sold behind the scenes this year, there were only a handful that changed things dramatically for us!

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The bigger stories by far were the mergers and acquisitions that didn’t happen — yet. More than a few tech and media giants came close this year, and while no deals were made, there’s still the chance one or all of them could go down in 2018! But, first let’s take a look at what really dud happen, starting with the most recent one!

Apple acquires Shazam

News just broke about this last week! Apple is acquiring Shazam, the app that identifies music playing in the background, for $400 million. It’s hard to believe Apple wanted song recognition that badly, though — seems like something they could do themselves. The acquisition might have more to do with how Shazam makes money — when the app identifies a song, it can send you along to a music store like iTunes, and if you make a purchase, Shazam gets a cut. Apple might go the ruthless route and ensure Shazam now only does that for them.

Shazam also has augmented reality features that Apple might want to play with as they start to get more serious about their own AR efforts. Hard to say where this is going just yet!

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