Here is the Extremely Thin List of Christmas Classics You Can Still Watch on Netflix

If you, like me, have been a Netflix subscriber for so long that you’ve all but forgotten that they still extract money from your bank account monthly, you will know that Netflix is not what it used to be. They’re mostly content to push their original shows, which is cool — thanks for Stranger Things, thanks for Orange is the New Black!

But, that’s come at the expense of the repository of classic movies that Netflix was founded on, and while that’s mostly fine, it sucks big time during the holidays! Most of the good Christmas movies are nowhere to be found, and honestly it’s not much better on Hulu (and now that they’re majority owned by Disney, we can see what their future is going to be). No Love Actually, no A Christmas Story, no Die Hard — it’s a real problem. They’ve still got some good Christmas movies laying around, though. Maybe they just forgot to get rid of them? I don’t know!

UPDATE 12/17/2017 – We just saw that Netflix is adding Love Actually in January. We’re not sure if this is their idea of a joke or what, but we’re not amused.

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