Big Changes are Coming to Pokémon Go: Here’s What You Need to Know

Pokémon Go had its big moment in the spotlight, then went through the counter-movement of “who plays that anymore?” before finally settling in comfortably as a good and fun game that a lot of people enjoy. It’s been getting regular updates, legendaries, and fun events, and its next update is going to be one of its biggest yet!

Niantic hasn’t said exactly when the new update will arrive, but they detailed what will be in it in an announcement yesterday. It goes without saying that more Pokémon will be added, but they’re also adding a couple new game mechanics to take the game into 2018. After all, they’ve got to keep it fresh — while Niantic will release a similar Harry Potter AR game next year, they still plan to keep Pokémon Go around for the foreseeable future.

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