Here’s Further Proof That if Pokémon Were Real, Zoos Would Be Amazing

At first I was worried about the ethical concerns surrounding zoos, but honestly? If we’re talking about Pokémon, there’s probably not much point in discussing ethics. We don’t know what it’s like inside a Poké Ball, but there’s a good chance a zoo would actually be a step up.

Anyway, before we go full Pokémon Black and White and join Team Plasma on you, let’s get to the matter at hand — realistic Pokémon! We’re all used to seeing the pocket monsters in their cute little animated forms, but a lot of fan artists have wondered what some of these guys would look like if they were more akin to the animals we’ve got on Earth. Usually that means a lot of dinosaur-looking beasts, but as you’ll see in the art of Lindsey Wakefield, you can get some unexpected results, too!

Check them out, and if you like what you see, you can browse more of Lindsey’s work on her ArtStation and DeviantArt pages, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram for updates!


Aerodactyl looks like kinda like a pterodactyl, but with a less pointy head. Sometimes, they’re just obvious.


One of our favorite parts of the whole realistic Pokémon thing is seeing how people approach the ghost Pokémon — we like the spectral bat-like thing Haunter has turned into!

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