The Twilight Zone is Making Another Comeback, But Not to Traditional TV

The real world not weird enough for you? Prepare for more tales of the strange, then, because The Twilight Zone is officially coming back! The original series ran from 1959 to 1964 on CBS thanks to Rod Serling, and it left its mark on pop culture in more ways than one!

The series was famous for being a series of unconnected short stories about strange tales or versions of alternate futures. They could also be pretty dark — an episode that still stands out involves a book lover being left alone as the last man on Earth, then breaking his glasses! And, of course, there were plenty of stories about robots, aliens, and anything else that played with the fears of the nation at the time.

The richness and variety of stories wasn’t an accident. Episodes of The Twilight Zone were written by people who either were or would go on to be famous authors in their own right — names like Ray Bradbury and Richard Matheson. There were a lot of famous faces on screen, too. William Shatner and George Takei both appeared in episodes, years before starring in the original Star Trek series!

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