Here’s What’s New on Netflix in January – Some Good Older Movies for a Change!

Batman – January 1

Before all the cinematic universes and the Ben Affleck and the scowling and the Marthas, there was a time when a Batman movie could just be a Batman movie. The ’89 Batman with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Jack Nicholson as the Joker will be on Netflix next month. Watching it now, it’s kind of a joy to look back on the simpler times. All the Batmans from this one to Batman Begins, the first of Nolan’s trilogy, is going up — for better or worse.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Season 10 – January 5

You know how I know it’s awesome to be Jerry Seinfeld? The dude can go take rides in classic cars with his best comedian friends and other famous people, grab coffee, and make a web series out of it that lasts ten seasons and counting. The show used to be on Crackle, but it’s moving to Netflix for season ten. The highlight is for sure going to be an episode with Jerry Lewis that was made before the legendary comedian passed away earlier this year.

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