We’re Totally in Love With These Geeky Watercolor Paintings

Being a tech blog at heart, we love our digital art around here. But, when someone is this good at the old ways, we’ve got to take notice! Geoff Pascual has been making some gorgeous watercolor paintings for years based on all things geeky, from Marvel to Star Wars to Nintendo. He’s made some dynamic superheroes and has even managed to make Pikachu cooler than he already was — no mean feat! We’ve got a selection of our favorites here, and if you want to see more (or buy some as prints!), you should head over to Pascual’s website!

Pascual Productions

We don’t always like to play favorites, but we’ll make an exception here.

Pascual Productions

Charizard, looking like he’s about to put a big old Flamethrower on some other poor Pokémon!

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