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CES 2018 Has Been a Real Snoozefest Thanks to All the Sleep Tech

At any given moment, a large part of the tech industry is dedicated to fixing the problems that have been created by the tech industry. With sleep cycles ravaged by screens of all sizes and notifications that don’t stop coming unless they’re silenced, sleep tech has been booming in recent years. Looks like it hasn’t been working — we must all still be getting awful sleep, because a ton of money has been poured into sleep tech ahead of CES 2018.

Up until now, we’ve mostly just seen sleep trackers — fine, but it’s hard to see the value in something that just confirms to you that yes, your four hours of sleep per night is not enough, and that yes, the solution is to get more sleep. But, there have been some gadgets hoping to at least make what sleep we do get a little more restful — lights specially made to not disrupt natural sleep cycles, alarm clocks that wake you up gently and gradually, and even heated beds that change in firmness and temperature to help keep you comfy. If CES is any indication, 2018 is going to be all about even more new ways to get you to sleep faster, wringing every last minute of sleep they can out of bedtime.

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