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All the Video Games We’ve Been Playing for the Last Month – A Battle Royale and Trivia Trouble!

Like a lot of you, I headed back to the parents’ over the holidays. While quality family time was most certainly had (I’ll spare you from me shoehorning Scrabble into this month’s roundup), the trip home remained, as ever, a bountiful source of quality gaming time. This year was better than ever — as if we didn’t already know before, this freezing holiday season proved that the Switch is the greatest console ever to get comfy and cozy with!

Tempting as it was, I didn’t just play on the Switch the whole month. December is usually a pretty dry month for new releases, and while 2017 was no different, two of the year’s most popular games arrived on new platforms, letting Xbox One and Android owners in on the fun. Although, for those Android owners, the fun was of an unexpected sort! Let’s start there!

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