The Week in Geek – Gillian Anderson is Done With All Y’all

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Gillian Anderson is leaving both The X-Files and American Gods

Ed Araquel/FOX

We were lucky to have her at all. This past week, Gillian Anderson made it clear that she is pretty much done with TV in the U.S. She’s been saying since New York Comic-Con in October that she won’t return for another season of The X-Files — presumably, that means the eleventh season of The X-Files, which kicked off on Wednesday with the first of ten episodes, will be the last. Well, on Tuesday, the LA Times confirmed that Anderson won’t return as Media on American Gods either, following the departure of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. Whether or not the second season of that show will even happen remains to be seen.

Good on her! She gave us years of Scully and one incredible turn as David Bowie in American Gods, and that’s more than enough. Anderson has live in London with her kids since the original run of The X-Files wrapped back in 2002, and she’s mostly done one-off film work, theatre, and miniseries filmed in the UK since then. Even shorter 10-episode TV seasons can be grueling, especially when you’ve got to be away from home to get them done. If quitting these two shows means she gets to go back to living her best life, we’re good with that!

Also, when that Disney/Fox deal closes, does that make Scully an honorary Disney princess? Disney probably needs to establish rules and guidelines for this.

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