Brutally Hysterical Reactions To Blake Shelton Being Crowned Sexiest Man Alive

The internet is losing its shit.

Did you hear that People Magazine just crowned Blake Shelton the Sexiest Man Alive? How do you feel about that? The internet is losing its shit, because, well, everyone can think of a sexier man alive. Not to mention, Blake has a track record of racism and homophobia (which is NOT sexy, NOT ok, and completely unfathomable that people even still hold such disgusting opinions).

Instagram: @blakeshelton

Also, we’re all up in arms because Idris Elba actually won by popular vote, and we can’t understand why they picked Blake. We’re clearly going to need to get a petition going to revoke his title, but in the meantime read on for some brutally hysterical reactions to Blake Shelton being crowned Sexiest Man Alive (because he deserves us all laughing at his expense).

Let’s First Take A Quick Look At Some Of His Most Disgusting Tweets To Get You In The Mood For Laughing At His Expense:



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